Activ Summer

The beauty of the Ötztal

There are so many great highlights to experience during an active summer! From hiking in the mountains to biking, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for adventure, try Bike Republic Sölden or conquer new peaks with climbing.



Two things are essential for a hiking holiday in the Ötztal: sturdy shoes and lots of fun exploring. Endless 1,600 km of hiking trails, routes, climbs and treks are waiting to be taken under your soles and surprise you with new panoramic views around every bend.



The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is more than just a bike park, it is the most flowing nation in the Alps with 16 natural trails. 11 well maintained, sustainably built lines, signposted Enduro routes, the finest touring material - and the best citizens in the world.



The Ötztal is the number 1 cycling destination in the Alps. We have nature around us, the passion for two wheels in us and we are happy about everyone who shares this enthusiasm with us.

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